A lot of memories pop up when anyone mentions me "How was your trip to Ireland ?. The funiest thing that happend thier was when we got lost, seriously IT WAS SCARY but very very funny, so here it goes, We were walking on a shopping street called Patrick Street in Cork, My Mum wanted to go inside a shop so she told Dad that she would go and I went with her, usually when we go to a shop my Dad, Brother and Sister just wander CLOSE to the shop My Mum and I are in, but when we went outside their was no sign of all 3 of them !!! Me and My mum got scared so we went into another shop and went back out again and from that point we really got scared. My mum was confused with me and Brothers telephone Numbers because they had a very simular ending, so all of the time she was calling me insted of my Brother and I didnt hear my Phone when my Mum was ringing it. My dad forgot his phone in the car and my brother had no credit in his phone.While me and My Mum were walking the street looking for them, My Dad, Brother and Sister went to get a muffin for my sister becuase she was whining that she wanted one and then they went to get top-up for my Brothers phone, when they were in the O2 shop (the shop where we got our numbers) there was a Man asking the shopkeeper about a phone so they had to wait and when my dad saw that they stopped talking he told the man can we get a top-up for the phone, the shop-keeper told him "excuse me I am with this customer.. so my dad didnt want to wait so he went to find another store.. when he found one HE FOUND THE SAME MAN asking about another phone, so he had to go out and look for us, meanwhile my mum and I got fed up looking for them so we headed to our car in a carpark to wait for them there, when we were there my mum told me I will call you but dont answer I told her ok (remember my mum had our numbers mixed up) so when she thought she was calling me she heard a sound.. It was my Brothers voice WE FINALLY HAD COMMUNICATION and we told them that we were beside the car and they came.. 
seriously I will never forget this story hahaha

xoxo Latifa ALHAJRI    

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